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Pharmaceutical products, Medical equipment and Herbal Oils

About us

  • Deeran is a Germany based service provider and pharmaceutical trading company.
Our main field of operation is to provide active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) but also Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs) to Industry partners. Other than that, we are also operating in the field of Cosmetics, the trending and with tremendous potential – CBD, and further nutritional supplements. And we are always open for new Opportunities. Our business partners and customers are spread all over the world. Currently, we are offering our services in Africa, East Asia, the Middle East and Europe and expanding our market. For us, the customer comes first. 100 percent customer satisfaction is our goal, and we try everything to achieve that. Because we think that trustworthiness, respect, and appreciation are the basic building blocks required for the stable growth in our global business economy.

Export of pharmaceutical products and API, Medical equipment, Pharmaceutical machinery and spare parts.


Import of Herbal Oils and Extracts.


We provide a high quality services to our clients in files of pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical products

Herbal Oils

Medical equipment

Management Service

Complete stability programme management service is provided as per ICH guidelines / special requirements in a cGMP and GLP compliant environment at our associated companies.

Analytical Support

Provide analytical support in analytical method development / validation, Routine analyses of products by HPLC/GC/MS etc., Product characterization and Impurity profiling at our associate companies.


Total development of product from lab scale to pilot plant scale to actual production scale for Drug Substance and Drug product.


Business Development and Business consultancy is provided on various aspects related to Product Development and Contract Manufacturing both for Domestic and Export markets. ‍  ‍


Monitoring and liaisoning with the CRO’s for PV or PhV (Pharmacovigilance Study Report) & BA/BE (Bioavailability/Bioequivalence) Studies Reports

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